Sunday, July 25, 2010

Curried Chicken and Squash

5 018
12 ounces chicken, roasted
2 tbs butter
1 tomato, diced
1 onion diced
3 tbs cilantro
1 cup couscous, un-cooked
4 tbs plain yogurt, fat free
3 cloves garlic
3 cups yellow squash, diced
2 tbs curry powder
1 salt pepper

1. brown chicken in large skillet with butter, 1 tbsp minced garlic and 1/4 cup diced onions.
2. Start water boiling for couscous.
3. Remove chicken from pan, place in oven to keep warm.
4. Add squash, curry powder, remaining garlic and half of tomatoes and onions to skillet and saute with leftover butter and garlic/onion mixture until squash is cooked , but still has crunch, about 10 minutes. Add yogurt and the remaining onions and tomatoes
5. prepare couscous
6. Plate by making a bed of couscous, adding veggies and sauce and topping with chicken.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 284.6g
Amount Per Serving
Calories 393
Calories from Fat 86
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 9.5g/15%
Saturated Fat 4.7g/23%
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 82mg/27%
Sodium 122mg/5%
Total Carbohydrates 43.2g/14%
Dietary Fiber 4.9g/20%
Sugars 4.3g
Protein 33.1g
Vitamin A 12%
Vitamin C 33%
Calcium 9%
Iron 14%

* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Good points
# Low in sodium
# High in niacin
# High in selenium
# High in vitamin B6
# High in vitamin C

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pot Luck Coleslaw

They'll never know its diet food!!!

Makes 12 servings
I use both green and red cabbage as well as red onions in this slaw to make the taste really pop.

5 cups cabbage, diced
1 cup onion, diced
2 carrots, shredded
2 cloves garlic, diced
1/3 cup flax seeds, toasted, ground
1 tsp salt
2 tsp. pepper
1 cup fat free plain yogurt
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tsp. lemon juice

-Ensure all veggies are chopped very small
-combine all ingediants and mix well
-make the slaw at least three hours before servng to get the best flavor.
-salt and pepper to taste.

Nutrition Facts
Calories 51
Calories from Fat 17
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1.9g/3%
Saturated Fat 0.2g/1%
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 0mg/0%
Sodium 221mg/9%
Total Carbohydrates 6.9g/2%
Dietary Fiber 2.7g/11%
Sugars 3.3g
Protein 2.3g

Vitamin A 35% • Vitamin C 21%
Calcium 7% • Iron 3%

* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Nutrition Grade
96% confidence

Good points
Low in saturated fat
No cholesterol
High in calcium
Very high in dietary fiber
High in manganese
High in magnesium
High in phosphorus
High in potassium
High in thiamin
Very high in vitamin A
Very high in vitamin C

Bad points
High in sodium
High in sugar

1 070